Happy Memorial Day – War Posters from WWI & WWII

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Dig for Victory war poster

Dig for Victory poster from WWII era

I’ve been looking at: American &  British food posters from WW I and II.

As you may already know I’m heavily into gardening, canning, and being self sufficient – which I feel is an important part of my Appalachian heritage.  Growing up in West Virginia I was always taught not to waste any food, to be grateful for what I had, and to always be thrifty.

The ability to grow your own food has so many positive attributes: the communion with nature that comes with digging in the dirt, the pride in the ability to provide for your family, heritage, and community.

Victory Gardens were an important part of  both World Wars as food production declined and commercially canned food was rationed.

Grow Your Own poster from WWII era

Grow Your Own poster from WWII era

I have to say : These images bring up a lot of questions that are relevant today such as food consumption, production/demand, gender roles, and sustainability.

Here in Seattle, WA  there is a movement to become more self sufficient: whether its to use every last bit of land for agriculture via p-patch or group like Alley Cat Acres or to become more skilled through classes offered by Seattle Free School.

Your Victory Garden...poster from WW II era

Your Victory Garden...poster from WW II era

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Work..Work..Work – Party!

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Shunpike All Out @ Vermillion Gallery & Lounge

Shunpike All Out @ Vermillion Gallery & Lounge

May 23 – 29, 2010

This week: I practiced with the 7 Star demo team for PRIDE, prepared/ dropped off my artwork for the Gallery at Towne Center show, helped host a Shunpike ALL  networking event, and helped my best friend and Preservation Pal celebrate her birthday.

It’s been a busy week!

Next week: Join me Thursday, June 3rd at North Seattle Community College for the release of the newest volume of Licton Springs Review! LSR is a yearly hardcover bound publication featuring the art/literature of NSCC faulty & staff.

North Seattle Community College is located at 9600 College Way N.  The event is free and open to the public, and will be held from 7:00pm – 9:00pm in CC1254B

Also in the news: Look forward to photos of new artwork coming soon!

Shout Out: To Vermillion Gallery & Lounge for being amazing hosts, the awesome folks who came out to network, Shunpike for showing love & support, and the super talented Shunpike partner who took the photo above!

Caledonia “Callie” Curry – aka Swoon

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Swoon 2006

Swoon's flotilla at the Venice Biennale

Swoon's flotilla at the Venice Biennale

Swoon in North Philadelphia

Swoon in North Philadelphia

Caledonia “Callie” Currie – aka Swoon is a New York City artist whose works include life size figures done up in wheat paste on the side of buildings, a floatilla made of junk, and a earthquake proof shelter for the people of Haiti.

Her newest project involves a dilapidated church in the Appalachian town of North Bradock, PA.   The church  is being reincarnated as the Transformazium – a much needed cultural center for the community.

Swoon’s work is epic in scale, yet retain a sense of intimacy through their accessibility. Executed in simple, found, or reclaimed materials evokes a “work with what you have” attitude towards creativity that is truly inspiring.

If you are so inclined, Swoon was recently featured in an excellent article titled  “Taking It to the Street” by Ann Landi in the April 2010 issue of Art News .

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New Blog | Studio | Exhibit

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May 9-15, 2010

This week:  Special thanks to everyone who has visited so far.  I’m starting this  brand spanking new blog here on Word Press after over year of working on Blogger.  I’ve decided to hang up my hat for something a site that’s easier to use.

I hope to do an update at least once a week on what’s new in my art/life in addition to posting a little visually inspiring treat.

As you may have already heard, I’m finally an official citizen of the Emerald City.  My studio schedule has been interrupted over the past few weeks looking for a new place and packing/moving – so I’m looking forward to getting back to work. My new studio is nearly double in size and I’m really looking forward to hosting my first open studio this year.

In other news: I’m really excited for my upcoming group exhibit with David Owen Hastings and Rebecca Tracy at Gallery at Towne Centre. The show runs from June 2 – July 11 with an artist reception Thursday, June 10, 5-7 pm.

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Jan Kerton

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Shaker Box

Oak Pin Tin

Mushroom Pin Tin

The Pear Tree

Jan Kerton is an amazing Australian woman who specializes in stump work embroidery.  Her website features examples of her own work, a basic embroidery stitch guide, and kits for sale.  I’ve really enjoyed reading her blog and seeing some of her personal projects and her design process.

In case you didn’t know – stump work is a kind of 3-dimensional embroidery that is stuffed with bating or worked over wires. It’s a style I’ve been exploring in my own work and something I’ve been researching for some time.  If you’re interested in learning more about stump work, this website has some terrific resources.

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Sarajo Frieden

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Sarajo Frieden - Chair 2

Sarajo Frieden - Pocket Park Dresser

Sarajo Frieden - Lady With a Flower Pot

Sarajo Frieden - Chair 1

Sarajo Frieden lives/ works in Los Angeles, CA.  Her work is influenced by the immense cultural diversity of her community.  She sites hand painted signs,  folk & decorative art,  Persian miniatures, Shaker trance drawings, Japanese ukiyo-e, and her Hungarian great aunt’s embroidery.

I’m always curious to see other artists who are combining embroidery/painting/drawing.  Frieden’s work is an interesting combination of domestic (chairs, dressers, and dolls) and nature that you encounter in every day life (dandelions, pocket parks, birds, trees).

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Tony Fitzpatrick

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Tony Fitzpatrick - Chicago Caterpillar

Tony Fitzpatrick - Nickel Shark

Tony Fitzpatrick - The Jersey Owl

Tony Fitzpatrick - The Magic Cicada

I just discovered Tony Fitzpatrick’s (American 1958) work in an advert for Dowling Walsh Gallery in this month’s Art News.

Fitzpatrick’s work is a combination of collage, drawing, and painting inspired by his life in Chicago.   The animals/insects in his work have a lot of energy and power and the symbols surrounding each one seem to give the work special purpose.  It seems that no matter how disparate  the objects in the back ground may appear, they are actually all tied together through some the web of dots, stars, and diamonds.

I can see a strong reference to Sailor Jerry’s tattoo work, but the coloring/shaping and positioning of elements also remind me of some American quilts featuring applique (especially the banding and bars along the edges).

It’s always really exciting to find amazing new artists and their art – it gives me something to work towards!!!

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