Happy Memorial Day – War Posters from WWI & WWII

May 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

Dig for Victory war poster

Dig for Victory poster from WWII era

I’ve been looking at: American &  British food posters from WW I and II.

As you may already know I’m heavily into gardening, canning, and being self sufficient – which I feel is an important part of my Appalachian heritage.  Growing up in West Virginia I was always taught not to waste any food, to be grateful for what I had, and to always be thrifty.

The ability to grow your own food has so many positive attributes: the communion with nature that comes with digging in the dirt, the pride in the ability to provide for your family, heritage, and community.

Victory Gardens were an important part of  both World Wars as food production declined and commercially canned food was rationed.

Grow Your Own poster from WWII era

Grow Your Own poster from WWII era

I have to say : These images bring up a lot of questions that are relevant today such as food consumption, production/demand, gender roles, and sustainability.

Here in Seattle, WA  there is a movement to become more self sufficient: whether its to use every last bit of land for agriculture via p-patch or group like Alley Cat Acres or to become more skilled through classes offered by Seattle Free School.

Your Victory Garden...poster from WW II era

Your Victory Garden...poster from WW II era

Shout out:

Article at Smithsonian Magazine’s blog

Cory Bernat’s online gallery of War Posters


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