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June 28th – July 17th, 2010

Grace Willard | Solitary | 2010

Grace Willard | Solitary | 2010

Always wanted to own a piece of my work?  Want to support a non-profit organization that empowers women?  Well, now’s your chance!  Enter to win one of my original artworks!  100% of the proceeds go towards supporting Seven Star Women’s Kungfu here in Seattle, WA.

In addition to teaching kajukenbo and generally being awesome, Seven Star has also partnered with Fight the Fear – the organization formed by musician Brandi Carlile to celebrate the life and loss of Teresa Butz.  Fight the Fear Campaign classes provide training in basic self defense skills, including awareness, de-escalation, boundary setting, and fighting techniques, and access to resources for survivors of violence or abuse. Thier goal in 2010 is to provide 35 classes at Seattle-area women’s shelters, senior centers, community centers, homeless centers, and other gathering places. See 7 Star in action here

Ticket Prices:

1 ticket for $2.00
3  tickets for $5.00
7  tickets for $10
15 tickets for $20
25 tickets for $30

The more you buy, the more you can win!  The drawing will be on Saturday, July 17th and you need not be present to win.

You can Purchase tickets securely online or send me an email at gracewillard {at} gmail {dot} com.

❤ Grace Willard


Studio Update: June 20 – June 28th, 2010

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This  week: Is the last week to view my work at the Shelton Civic Center in Shelton, WA.  This week has been incredibly busy with my internship, preparing for the upcoming show at CV Gallery, Grants for Artists Projects application and Seward Park Audubon Center application.  Part of my artistic practice involves a huge time commitment to sitting in front of the computer and doing homework…

Next Week: Hopefully I’ll get some much needed studio time.  I received my moleskin from the good folks at the Sketchbook Project and looking forward to cracking the cover and getting to work.

Coming Up: Win one of my original artworks and support Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu!

In other news: Head over to Face Book to see some awesome photos of me from PRIDE 2010 (you don’t need an account to view).

❤ Grace Willard

Mycology – The Felted World of Amanda Fiebing

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I’ve been looking at: the felted artworks of Amanda Fiebing.  I discovered her delicate needle felted works while looking for photos of terrarium online – and was delightfully surprised she is also a Seattle artist!

Amanda Fiebing | Airplant

Amanda Fiebing | Airplant

I have to say: I love her careful eye and her attention to detail.  Her newer terrarium inspired works featuring air plants and mushrooms are not only to scale but also scientifically accurate.

It’s inspiring to see other artists who are curious about the intricacies of biology.   There’s also something really accessible about her soft sculpture; needle felting is intimate in scale, inviting to hold, made out of comfortable materials, and little fungi are meant to be gently foraged from the earth.

Amanda Fiebing | Simple Cybins

Amanda Fiebing | Simple Cybins

As of her last posting on April 24th, 2010 it seems that she has unfortunately run into an artistic road block.  As Amanda says so herself, “It happens to every artist, writer, photographer, musician”.  When so much of your drive, energy, resources, and time are invested into such an important activity it can be frustrating to lose sight of the muse.  I sincerely wish Amanda the best, and look forward to viewing whatever she comes up with next.  ❤ Grace Willard

Amanda Fiebing | White Translucent Mushroom Pair | 2010

Amanda Fiebing | White Translucent Mushroom Pair | 2010

Shout Outs:

Visit Amanda Fiebing’s Etsy Store

See more of her work online at her website

Studio Update: New Work

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June 13 – June 20, 2010

Grace Willard | Winter Ambrosia | Mixed Media | 2010

Grace Willard | Winter Ambrosia | Mixed Media | 2010

This  week: I’ve been regrouping the troops to get started on the next big thing. Coming down the line is my upcoming group show Postcards From the EDGE at Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton, WA scheduled to open in August.

Next Week: With any luck I’ll be receiving my moleskin from the good folks at the Sketch Book Project.  So far over 3,470 people have signed up to be part of the touring exhibition of sketchbooks.  Artists are asked to select a theme; I’ve chosen “First Thing in the Morning, Last thing at Night”.  I’m hoping to focus on the magic of the hours between dawn when the world is quiet and nature unmasks herself – and all of the lovely creepy crawlies come out!  I’m expecting to do a lot of drawing from observation this summer (field trips!).  Art House Co-op also just announced that Seattle will be one of the stops on the tour in 2011.

Coming Up: I’ve just scheduled a studio day with good friend Shelly in July at NW Encaustics.  I’m really looking forward with incorporating the rich textures and colors of encaustic into my work.  I’ve been creating papier mache frames for my embroideried work for the past year or so, but haven’t been satisfied with the plastic texture of acrylic paint.  I’ll keep you posted!

In other news: I earned my orange belt in kajukenbo!  Friend me on Face Book or click here for awesome photos!  The piece above was inspired in part by my kung fu training  – our kwoon has a beautiful persimmon tree that is a feast for the eyes come December.

Shout Out: To all of the amazing women at 7 Star Women’s Kungfu – thank you!

❤ Grace Willard

Life in a Bottle – The Art of Terrariums

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I’ve been looking at: the enclosed world of terrariums.  Recently featured in the New York Times it seems that encapsulated nature has recaptured the interest of artists. (If you are unfamiliar with the  history of terrariums, I would suggest this excellent article.)

Artists like  Paula Hayes have created unique pieces that redefine the medium.  Her handblown glass pieces come with a contractual obligation to nurture and care for the piece and the denizens inside it.

{Image courtesy of:}

Paul Hayes Terrarium

Paula Hayes

Other artists like Andrew Craig Williams take a more imaginative spin creating a magical environment using glow in the dark polymer clay to create whimsical mushrooms.

{Image courtesy of:}

Andrew Craig Williams creates glow in the dark mushrooms for his terrarium

Andrew Craig Williams

For artists like Amy Leonard, the glass casing of a vivarium can house any number of magical knick knacks, feathers and  mosses.  Her work reminds me a bit of The Brother’s Quay in that her pieces are delightful in a somewhat frightening way.  I can imagine the slow quirky movements of disembodied dolls trying to escape from the top of the jar!

{Images courtesy of:}

Amy Leonard's display of imaginative vivariums

Amy Leonard

Amy Leonard | Untitled, Bird Caught

Amy Leonard | Untitled, Bird Caught

I have to say: while  I don’t anticipate creating any living artwork anytime soon (although its been suggested to me many times) I can appreciate the sentiments behind vivariums & terrariums.

Blogger Distinctive Vision put it best:

Its almost as if you get to play God for a minute and look down upon what you have created and think ‘this is a good thing I have done’.

As always thanks for reading & feel free to comment below.<3 Grace Willard

Papier Mache Magazine – A Beautiful Childhood

June 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve been looking at: Papier Mache Magazine which can be read online for free here.  Produced quarterly in Sydney, Australia this e-magazine features children’s fashion, DIY crafts, and home decorating ideas.

Love My Ears | DIY Crafts from Papier Mache Issue 3 | Page 65

Love My Ears | DIY Crafts from Papier Mache Issue 3

Start Collecting Very Pretty Things | Papier Mache Magazine Issue 3 | Page 89

Start Collecting Very Pretty Things | Papier Mache Magazine Issue 3 | Page 89

An Afternoon with Lucius, Lumi, and Lewis | Papier Mache Magazine Issue 3 | Page 55

An Afternoon with Lucius, Lumi, and Lewis | Papier Mache Magazine Issue 3 | Page 55

I have to say: this magazine is a work of art.  Every page is a portal into the beautiful soft moments of childhood with hand made toys, games, and imagination.  Admittedly, it’s also very romantic view without game boys, barbies, or Dora the Explorer – but for me the imagery reminds me of  the spark of what later grew into a life long passion for art.

I really love the intersection between domestic life, imagination, and nature presented in the gorgeously staged photography.  Despite the staging, however, I think the lovely children pictured would honestly wear the clothes and probably love being involved in the creation of the photo spreads.

This magazine (and back issues)  are  also wonderfully available free of charge to all, which I highly applaud.

Starting Summer Off Right!

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May 30 – June 12, 2010

These Past Two Weeks: I forgot to schedule publishing for my posts! Oops! 

Last week: I was honored to have my piece Red Work Pigeon appear in the bound literary magazine Licton Springs Review.

Grace Willard | Red Work Pigeon | Mixed Media | 2009

Grace Willard | Red Work Pigeon | Mixed Media | 2009

This  week: I attended the opening for my group show at Gallery at Towne Centre in Lake Forest Park, WA. Amazing artists David Owen Hastings and Rebecca Tracy were also able to attend adding to the terrific turnout.

Gallery at Towne Centre Opening

Gallery at Towne Center Exhibit Opening Night

Installation of my artwork at Gallery at Towne Centre

Next Week: On Saturday June 19th, I’m taking my very first belt test at 7 Star Women’s Kungfu (Seattle).  I’ve been training since October in kajukenbo which is an eclectic martial art composed of karate, jujitsu, judo, kenpo, and Chinese boxing.  Studying martial arts has an amazing and profound impact in my work as a fine artist – I have more confidence, determination, energy, and focus.

Also in the News: My best friend / Preservation Pal and I have just signed up for the Sketch Book Project.  I’m very excited to be a part of this traveling artist library/ exhibit which will be stopping in 7 major US cities.  More updates (and pictures) to come!

Shout Out: Special thanks to both Licton Springs Review and Gallery at Towne Centre for granting me the opportunity to share my works with others and lending a hand in the development of my artistic career!

❤ Grace Willard

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