Microcosm: Portrait of the Interurban Biosphere

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This week I’d thought I’d share my proposal for Sprout – a new community based funding program for creative people.

Participants pay a sliding-scale entrance fee for which they will receive a home-made dinner and a ballot. Diners will vote on a variety of proposed artist projects. At the end of dinner, the artist whose proposal receives the most votes will be awarded funds collected at the door. The work will then be presented during the next Sprout. Artistic genres of all kinds are accepted and are encouraged to be works that are sustainable, local and forward-thinking.

The Inagural Sprout is a joint venture between Seattle University MFA students Kristen Hoskins (who is also a member of Shunpike Arts Leadership Lab)A & Sarah Steininger and the Fremont Abbey Arts Center.

Selected artists will be announced in August – wish me luck!  If you’re an a Seattle artist and interested in applying the deadline is July 25th.

As always thanks for reading!

❤ Grace Willard

More diatoms!

Microcosm: Portrait of the Interurban Biosphere

Project Summary
I’m requesting funds to purchase a USB Digital Microscope which allows users to capture both still and live microscopic images via computer making it a valuable learning and observation tool.  Inspired by geometry, botanical illustration, and biology my works examine the relationships between macro and microcosms. Having a USB Digital Microscope will allow me to create works based on structures, plants and animals that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

In gratitude for this piece of equipment and related supplies I will offer a series of free art classes that will engage participants in art and the microscopic realms of the urban biosphere.

How will your project manifest at the next SPROUT, to be held in approximately 12 weeks?
At the next SPROUT event I will be available to give a presentation on using the microscope, provide insight into my findings, and share new drawings based on my discoveries.  At this time I will also have scheduled art classes that I will offer as in an in kind donation to the community and will use SPROUT to promote them.

How will you use funding (up to $1000) towards the realization of your project?
$125.00  USB Microscope
$50.00  Prepared Slides
$25.00  Glass Well Slides & Standard Slides/Covers
$25.00  Misc Lab Equipment (pipettes, test tubes, etc)

I am requesting $225 for my project.

Why is this project critical to the community?
Our community relies on a foundation of microscopic entities without ever seeing them.  Microcosm: Urban Biosphere will give the general public a unique opportunity to work with a professional artist and to use new technology to examine their surroundings more closely.

*Update: I’ve been selected as one of the presenting artists! Check newer posts for more info!


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