Favorite Kick Starter Projects

August 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

August, 2010

Kick Starter is a relatively new way to raise funds for projects. To use there own words:

We’re a great way for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, explorers, curators, promoters, performers, and others to bring their projects and ambitions to life.

There rules are pretty simple. Submit a creative project, encourage patronage with fun prizes, funding is all or nothing, you can receive funding over your goal, and the folks at Kick Starter keep 5%.  Pretty simple right?

I’ve just been accepted to do a Kick Starter project and thought I would take a quick look at some successful projects.

Here are four of my recent favorites:

Katie Armstrong is so cute. I want her to go to Germany, I want to hear more of her songs and I want to see more animations! Her project was a success so I’m sure it will happen sooner than later. Her prize incentives for donating are simple yet creative and unique in her style (examples include a zine/poster, buttons, t-shirt, etc)

This project is really engaging because of it’s unique perspective of a some what anxiety inducing topic. Tom Henderson has a great sense of humor leading me to believe his book would be incredibly funny – and I just might learn something!

Phyllis Green has some really interesting and engaging art work. Her cause is a worthy one – she wants to document her retrospective show which features 25 of years of artwork. I love seeing Phyllis’s studio and her collection of catalogs!

Musical robots!?! YES!!!

There are tons of innovative, unusual and amazing projects on Kick Starter – a lot more than I have time or room to blog about! These projects give me some excellent insight into how to create an excellent Kick Starter project.

Have you used Kick Starter to raise funds? Comment below!

❤ Grace Willard


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