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September 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

September 28, 2010

Oak Gall Interior | 2006 | Mixed Media

People are always curious about my life as an artist.

One of the first questions they ask is what type of art I do.  The second if I make a living doing it or if I have a “day job”.  That question always reminds me that to many, my art career is often viewed as either not real work or part of a duplicitous second life .  While I wouldn’t discount someone’s vocation because they are getting paid to do what they love, I can understand why other people would.  It’s easy to romanticize a career where you follow your interests and creativity; think of any movie about any artist made in the last 20 years.  I’m not arguing that there isn’t a certain truth to those movies.  I’m arguing that being an artist is real work and I’ve got a spread sheet to prove it.  I’m not going to deny or confirm having a secret second life, though. Let’s just say I read a lot of comic books.


The third question people always ask me is how I sell my work.   I always think that this question is about whether or not I’m represented by a gallery (I’m not) or if I’m involved in some sort of pyramid scheme (no comment). This question is actually about how I can part with my artwork after I’ve spent so much time making it.  Some guy on the bus once told me that making art is part of my soul and therefore selling my art was selling my soul.  My argument was that if I do have a soul (unconfirmed) that it wouldn’t belong to me anyway so I wouldn’t be able sell it anyway (void where prohibited).

Winter Ambrosia | 2010 | Mixed Media

How I really feel about selling my work is simple:

In general my work doesn’t cost a lot in materials to produce.  I use a lot of reclaimed materials, materials given to me or that I find at the thrift store. I have minimal waste for the materials I do use – no string is too short to save!  I probably don’t have to explain that the real cost behind my work is the work itself – the hours I spend embroidering a single applique or hand quilting the back ground of a piece.

So when some one comes along and offers to buy  my work it’s a validation of that time.  Its an investment in my future as an artist, because I do have costs that can’t be discounted by shopping at Value Village.  Most importantly, its a wonderful complement that someone enjoys a piece so much that they would like to look at it everyday in their home.  To share it with family & friends for years to come and it make it apart of their life the way it was a part of my life while I was creating it.

While some random guy on the bus may consider it pilfering away my soul, I consider it giving away a little bit of my love.

To my two loyal patrons who recently purchased the works featured in this post – Thank You!

❤ Grace Willard


Wear My Art, Support My Project!

September 20, 2010 § 2 Comments


Each one is hand made and unique!

Microcosm still has 41 days left to go, but it’s already 40% funded!  I’m so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to pledge, check out the project, or share the link to the project.  I’m definitely feeling the love!

I just wanted to share a photo of the handmade pins you will be rewarded if you pledge $25 (in addition to a handwritten thank you, 3 postcards featuring my artwork, and a vegan bar of handmade soap).

In other news, I’ve been encouraged to apply for a 3 day Artist-in-Residence program for teaching artists with a strong tie to the environment.  Unfortunately, I just missed the deadline for this year  but already excited to apply to next year!

If you’d like to learn more about the Microcosm project or make a pledge please visit my Kick Starter page.

❤ Grace Willard

My Microcosm on Kick Starter!

September 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

September 19, 2010

I’d like to start off by saying Thank You to all of the terrific folks who have donated this far.  The project has only been live for 2 days and at the time of this post I’ve already raised 38% of my funding goal. It’s so amazing, I’m nearly having a double rainbow moment over here.

If you’re just joining in,  I conceived this project July 21st of this year as a proposal for the new community funding program here in Seattle called Sprout.   Although the inaugural Sprout was won by the lovely Whitney Aguirre I gained a lot of support for my project.  With some additional encouragement, the materials I had developed from my Sprout presentation, plus a handful of awesome prizes I was able to launch the project on the funding site Kick Starter.

Since Sprout, the project has already started to take shape and gain momentum.  One of the aspects of the project that is  really important to me is involving the community – especially young people.  I’m excited to announce that I’m enrolled in training program presented by Home Waters called Tiny Neighbors. From their website:

… Tiny Neighbors is a field investigation that extends the learning in the 5th grade Microworlds Science Unit by supporting teachers and students in designing and completing their own scientific investigations of local ponds or lakes. Students make connections from their classroom learning to the real world by exploring an ecosystem within their community.

I’m so excited about studying microorganisms – looking at my environment in a new way, making a new body of work, and sharing what I love to do with the next generation of artists.  People who pledge to this project are making this happen and although I’ll be sending each and every person something lovely in the mail for the donation I’m  sure it will ever be thanks enough.

So intense!

❤ Grace Willard

Kick Starter Video Transcript

September 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

My Microcosm: Portrait of the Interurban Biosphere

Hi my name is Grace Willard and I’m an emerging fiber artist living in Seattle, WA.

My artwork explores macro and microcosms.  I’m interested in organisms that share our space whether they live in the cracks of the side walks, under the eaves or under the cellar stairs.

What I’m really interested in exploring next are microorganisms – small plants and animals you can’t see with the naked ee.

There’s a vast microcosm to explore and I’m going to need some help!

I recently signed up for training with Home Waters  and I’ll be learning to conduct field experiments in October.  This is really exciting because it will allow me to include other people in my field research!

I hope to involve young people here in Seattle in both the arts and sciences.

I’m requesting funding for a microscope with a USB digital eye piece.  This will allow me to record both still and moving images of microorganisms.  I’m also going to need some lab supplies for my secret laboratory!


Contributing to this project means you’ll help make it happen.  Whether you pledge $1 or $500 you’ll get a really great prize from me in the mail.

Some of the prizes include a handwritten thank you note, postcards, soap, handmade pins, and orginal artwork.

For the full list of prizes look over to your right!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my project.  You can follow me on Face Book or on my Word Press site (

Thanks again!

Music: “Flocon” by Silence from the album Encre.

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