Hot One Inch Action

November 5, 2010 § 2 Comments



The Crowd Goes Wild!

Here’s how it works.

50 amazing artists submitted their ideas for a one inch button.  The buttons were smuggled legally brought over the Canadian border to Ouch My Eye Gallery in the Pioneer Square.   The gallery was curated with white cards featuring each design and information about who designed it.  Artists were graciously given 20 buttons to start out with; every one else got a secret mixed bag of 5 buttons for $5 .

That’s were the hot action begins.  Everyone wanted to collect their friends buttons, so if you brought a friend your buttons automagically became a greater commodity.  Everyone was sort of drunk. One guy paid $5 for a single button. People were trading like crazy…you’d see a person one minute and the next they’d have a hand full of completely different buttons. It was addictive.


My Collection

I got just about all the buttons I wanted accept a applique inspired button featuring three little yellow birds.  With a bit of luck Hot One Inch Action will be back in Seattle next year and I can get it then!

❤ g

(I’m writing this post a little after the fact…sorry!)


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