Kindred Spirits – opening next Friday!

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I liked Sarah Bear Miles the second I met her.  Then I saw her art and then liked her even more!  Her website says she, “gleans her inspiration from interacting with little forgotten things like snails and maple seed pods”.  Really though, I think she draws her inspiration from deep forest magics that are openly hidden in every day life.

She introduced me to the fabulous artist Christopher Allman, who makes all of these fantastic dioramas and cut outs featuring wood land animals. His paintings are lovely in shades of umber, ochre, Prussian blue, and sap green – I love how some of the animals have little windows into their bodies showing their food.

Sarah, Christopher and I will have art work up through the month of February at Urban Light Studios which is part of the Greenwood Art Collective.  If you haven’t been there you should go because it’s an amazingly beautiful space.  Sarah will have a solo showing of new painting in the downstairs gallery which will include an opportunity to make a sheet fort.

There will be an opening during the Greenwood – Phinney Art Up Art Walk on Friday, February 11th, 2011 6-10pm.  Urban Light Studios is located at 8537 Greenwood Ave | Seattle, Washington 98103 (map). Live music & wine tasting!

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New on my list of things I love to do: making glass beads!

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I’ve just started an 8 week flame working course! I had some initial reservations about my ability as I’ve never worked in glass before, but ca n safely say I’m already hooked. There is something about fire & molten glass that is both incredibly hypnotizing and totally magical.  When glass is heated with the torch it becomes a semi-solid and acts like the most delicious honey on the end of your mandrel…need I say more?

The use of beads in my artwork is relatively new and I have to say I’ve been left wanting more.  I have a lot of really specific ideas of what I’d like to use and have been trouble finding exactly the right bead.   So I’m incredibly excited that I could make custom lovelies – possibilities abound!

These beads are from my first week of class.  As always, thanks for taking the time to look! I’ll keep you updated on my newest glass creations.

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